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Medical Device Software


Lead Frontend Developer for Innovative Medical Device Software

An esteemed company in the healthcare technology sector is seeking a skilled Frontend Developer to join their dynamic IT development team. This role is pivotal in developing a responsive UI for a groundbreaking medical device software, focusing on enhancing the diagnosis process through advanced PET/CT scan visualization. The successful candidate will play a crucial role in shaping the future of medical diagnostics, ensuring the software’s safety, maintainability, and scalability.


About the Role:


The selected candidate will be instrumental in crafting software that processes and visualizes PET/CT scans. Utilizing mathematical algorithms derived from extensive research, this software translates body-signals into vital blood flow parameters, aiding medical professionals in patient diagnosis of Cancer and other terrible illnesses. As a web-server solution classified as a medical device, the role demands adherence to stringent configuration management, documentation, and testing requirements due to the regulated medical device environment.




  • the technical design and development of the frontend for a web application that is critical in the medical diagnostics field.
  • strategic design decisions to accommodate future system functionalities.
  • rigorous development and testing of the frontend, adhering to strict medical device software standards.
  • frontend designs comprehensively and participate in integration and system testing.
  • guidance to junior frontend developers and collaborate effectively with UX and usability engineering teams.


What We Offer:


  • chance to be part of a resilient software development organization aiming to revolutionize the medical diagnostics industry.
  • opportunity to take ownership of the web solution’s design, developing a responsive UI that communicates with the backend via WebSocket.
  • in the entire software development lifecycle, from design to the deployment of the software in production environments.
  • with a talented team of Java and MATLAB developers, frontend developers, and CI/CD infrastructure specialists located in Denmark and Spain.
  • interaction with the team through Teams during normal working hours, ensuring a cohesive and synchronized development process.


Who You Are:


  • visionary Frontend Developer with a passion for leveraging technology to make a difference in healthcare.
  • in developing responsive UIs, with a keen understanding of WebSocket communication.
  • with the unique challenges of developing software within the strictly regulated medical device sector.
  • team player who thrives in a collaborative environment, capable of guiding junior developers and working closely with backend developers to ensure seamless integration.
  • to the principles of software safety, maintainability, and the ability to expand product functionalities.
  • is a unique opportunity to contribute to a project that stands at the intersection of technology and healthcare, offering the chance to impact lives positively. If you are driven by innovation and the desire to be part of a team that is making significant strides in medical diagnostics, we would love to hear from you.


If you want to hear more about this opportunity and the company, or if you have any questions regarding the position, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you wish to apply for the position, please send an updated version of your CV, together with what questions you might have, and we will get in touch with you soon.

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Per Christensen

Managing Director & Co-Founder


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